Attempt to create recycled color papers using waste paper and mangrove leaf juice.

“Together with Mangroves” children and Youth Society members, they made an attempt to make colored recycled papers using mangrove leaf juice. Mangrove trees typically have tannin and are the trees that can absorb the most carbon. As a result, the members and museum staff decided to use the tannin in mangroves to create recycled papers with natural colors. The results were at a satisfactory level. Therefore, we added hot water to the juice to get the tan color from it. After that, I kept it alone. Then, we make recycled papers using that content.

From the beginning, we use the leaves that falls down just within a day. For leaf collecting, we selected Avicennia officialis and Rhizophora apiculata as our two mangrove species. After collecting them, all the leaves were crushed using a mortar and pestle to make the paste. After that, we extracted the juice from that paste and bottled it. The juice then resembles a slippery liquid. This juice will become slick if left out overnight. As a result, we thoroughly combined the extract juice with some hot water. After storing it for a night, this fluid was added into the water-soaked smashed waste paper containers. Then, it was kept overnight and used to make recycled papers.

Those wet papers then dried in the sunlight. This is the first attempt at making colored papers using waste papers by ourselves, and we expect to attempt more to do this in the best way we can. 


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