Date: 2024.02.17

Every Saturday is a new opportunity for the “Together with Mangroves” Youth Environment Society members to update their knowledge and awareness of mangroves, and they can have hands-on experience with mangroves under the museum’s leadership. Last Saturday, the museum took them a boat journey to observe the mangroves of Chilaw Lagoon. The boat journey was attended by members who arrived at the museum on time. Others will not get the opportunity, so they will seize the chance on coming Saturday. This reminds children about punctuality, and it’s a fantastic lesson for them to practice being on time.

Following the boat journey, the museum’s director, Mr. Duglas Thesera, made an awareness of mangrove species, specifically the two Rhizophora (Maha Kadol) species located in the lagoon. He expects to provide the youth participants a thorough understanding of each mangrove species as an added benefit. As a result, members can recognize mangroves, learn about adaptive tactics, and gain a better understanding of the community.

Taking care of the mangrove nursery provides something extra for the youth participants. In addition, the museum director encourages youth members to learn about the growth patterns of each mangrove species and how to properly care for each species. They are eager to look after the mangrove nursery under their supervision.

After the above activities, the Lanka Mangrove Museum has provided free tutoring sessions as an appreciation for the youth members’ voluntary engagement to help them overcome educational obstacles. Every Saturday, Miss W.N. Samadhi Thissera offers free science and math tutoring sessions. This is an excellent opportunity for her and the members to learn about mangroves from a scientific standpoint. This free program starts at 8.30 a.m. every Saturday.

The youth members enthusiastically participate in and appreciate the activities listed above, and they would like to perform more volunteer work together.

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