Support for research by some undergraduates at the University of Colombo

Four undergraduates of the University of Colombo who have enrolled in the BSc. Honors in Business and Environment program in the Department of Zoology and Environmental Sciences have conducted their research about mangroves and Chilaw Lagoon with the support of the Lanka Mangrove Museum. They visited the museum on December 6, 2023, accompanied by their supervisors, Drs. Ayomi Witharana and Kalpani Marasinghe, to discuss to carry out their research at Chilaw Lagoon.

Under the guidance of Mr. Duglas Thesera, the director of the museum, they started gathering data today. These four investigations were merged into a group study on the Chilaw Lagoon, and It will be valuable to refresh our understanding of the mangrove forest area and the Chilaw Lagoon.

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