Ms. Karen’s Visit for the Lanka Mangrove Museum on 16th September 2023

16 September 2023

On this day, “Together with Mangroves,” Teenage Environment Society members warmly welcomed our chief guest, Ms. Karen Peterson (Seacology Sri Lanka Project Manager), her sister, and our special guests, Ms. Joe Peterson and Ms. Leela Batuwitage (Seacology Sri Lanka Field Representative). The young people in this community have made a variety of artistic signboards that illustrate their ideas regarding the mangrove ecosystem. The guests were very happy and grateful for their work.

In addition, Ms. Karen Peterson has met the scientific committee members of the Lanka Mangrove Museum and discussed their contribution to upgrading the museum. The discussion was very interesting, and Ms. Karen also shared her experience working with different countries.

Ms. Joe Peterson was delighted that she had been to our museum for the first time. The Lanka Mangrove Museum organized for guests to enjoy a boat journey to view the growth of mangroves that were replanted in the Pambala Lagoon Area, and they were delighted about the success of the replantation.

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