Awareness Program for the school principals of Chilaw Educational Zone on 06th September 2023

06 September 2023

175 Participants

The Lanka Mangrove Museum has conducted an awareness program for the school principals of Chilaw Zonal Education. Mr. H.J.M.I.R. Jayasundara, The director of Chilaw Educational Zone, has helped to organize this program. There were 175 participants including principals, assistant directors of education from the Chilaw Zonal Education Office, some teacher advisors of the Chilaw educational zone and other related officers. Besides our awareness program, There was a session for the principals about developing the Primary Education in the Educational Zone and some officers of the Ministry of Education have joined as resource persons.  Mr. H.J.M.I.R. Jayasundara is particularly interested in enhancing field experiences for pupils. Therefore, he would like to organize the above session at the museum because it gave the message for the principals to connect the students with nature-based activities and learn practically about the mangrove conservation process with the Lanka Mangrove Museum. The officers of the Ministry of Education were specially concerned about the museum based educational activities too.


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