Zoom Session-1 conducted by the Scientific Committee of the museum in lined with World Mangrove Day Celebration

This zoom session has conducted by the Scientific Committee of the Lanka Mangrove Museum. The guest lecture which entitled as “Coastal Biodiversity & its Importance” was conducted by Prof. Jayatissa, who is a Director and a Scientific Committee of the Museum. Similarly, Prof. K.A.S. Kodikara, (Senior lecturer at University of Ruhuna), Dr. M.P. Kumara (Senior lecturer at Ocean University), Dr. Wasana De Silva (Senior lecturer at University of Kelaniya) and W.N. Duglas Thesera (Director of the Lanka Mangrove Museum) participated to the session for the academic discussion with participants. Prof. K.A.S. Kodikara has presented to the audience for Flora of Coastal Biodiversity with special preference of Mangroves and Dr. M.P. Kumara presented about Fauna of Coastal Biodiversity. The target audience was the undergraduates of University of Ruhuna, University of Kelaniya, Ocean University and Open University, 50 students in each and others. Actually, 188 students participated to this session. The following figure shows the online flyer which was share via social media.

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Date : 24 07 2023

Time : 07.00 PM –  08.30 PM

Meeting ID: 838 4921 3668
Passcode: 103166

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